Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre: Titanes del Ring (04-05-2015) Dragon Lee vs. Virus

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Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so…

This is a Two Out of Three Falls Match for Virus’ Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Super Lightweight Championship.

There are only so many superlatives I can toss towards Virus. My aim in this review is to not do that, too much. I mean, it’s freaking Virus so I’m bound to say lots of positive things about his performance. In fact my main talking point is centered around Virus and the way he structures the match. But, I’m gonna attempt to avoid the “Virus as a great mat worker” topic as long as I can because I think I’ve harped on that enough.

In terms of match structure I really dug what Virus and Dragon Lee were going for in this match. The end is what makes the structure really. By Lee taking the final fall it informs everything that has come before. The first two falls being contested mainly on the mat become necessary because of the way the third fall goes. Lee taking the first fall and Virus taking the second fall fit like a glove into the narrative that is formed by the third fall . When the final three count happens the match truly comes together and that’s all because of the structure of the match.

Said structure is basically this; Virus works on the mat with Lee and he works in such a way that Lee seems plausible in hanging with Virus on the mat. Sure, to the well trained eye it’s easy to see that Virus is leading Lee through all of the mat sequences. But that’s beside the point; what matters is that Lee takes to the mat and shows the champion that he can play his game. And for two falls Lee does play his game, and he does so in fine fashion. He more than hangs with Virus, he becomes a threat to Virus because where once Lee didn’t have the answers now he apparently does.

Losing the second fall is okay, because though he loses Lee has stayed on the mat and played at Virus’ game. The third fall though, that’s when Virus turns it on and takes his mat game to another level. He goes after Lee’s leg, and for all intents and purposes it appears as if the match is well on its way to ending with Virus still being the champ. But, before Virus can completely annihilate Lee’s leg a funny thing happens, Lee finally takes to the air and the Virus domination has been put to an end. Instead Virus is trading bombs with Lee and trying to put him away with high impact moves. Virus is more than capable of doing that, but he’s altered his gameplan because Lee won’t let him stay on the mat.

The first two falls are spent establishing Lee as a viable challenger. The final fall is used to prop Virus back up as champion and then to show that Lee has moved into new territory as far as his threat level goes. With each passing second it becomes clear that Virus’ championship is slipping away from him and we are seeing a new champion being formed in Lee. Point A and Point Z are important, but the real meat of this match is in all the other points that get us from beginning to end.

That’s not to say this is a match without flaws, because it isn’t. I hated the mess up that saw Lee almost kick out of the Northern Lights Bomb that ended the second fall. I also hate the Diving Double Foot Stomp that Lee uses as a finisher. It”s simply a spot I find to be far too contrived, and it takes away from the very important moments that it usually accompanies.

Those are my only nitpicks really, because as usual Virus did his best to get a great match out of his opponent. And Lee was able to step up his game, resulting in a truly great match. The sky is the limit for Dragon Lee, and it’s not like I’m expecting Virus to disappear anytime soon. Hopefully these two meet again in an even bigger match sometime in the future. If this match, and their previous great match, is any indication we’d be in for one heck of a treat.

Bill Thompson


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