Chilanga Mask: Arena Coliseo de Coacalco (04-12-2015) Virus vs. Avisman


I could watch these guys work the mat for days on end!

If you were to ask me to pick one wrestler that I always enjoy watching, no matter what, the answer would be Virus. I’ve previously expressed how much I enjoy watching him do his thing, but I think I’ve come to have an even deeper appreciation for what Virus does in a ring. He can fly, he can bump, he can stooge, be the shit eating heel, work the mat like one of the best in the world; Virus can do every single thing a person would possibly want a pro wrestler to do. He continually puts on interesting performances, and has maintained his status as an elite level worker for many years now. I’m not educated enough to say that Virus is super underrated, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t feel that way to me.

Virus’ opponent in this match is Avisman, a Luchador who I know only a little about. He’s spent pretty much his entire career on the Mexican independent scene. I’ve enjoyed him the few times I have seen him in a ring, but I’ve never seen him like I have here. Avisman’s performance in this match is the sort that makes me want to go and seek out as much as I can from said performer. He doesn’t just hang with Virus, he contributes at nearly the same level and does a lot of interesting things all on his own.

This match is built around the idea of a lack of free space and what that can entail. Virus and Avisman are working a mat classic, but they’ve put their own spin on it (or worked on a previously existing spin if you will.) They establish a closeness to one another and from that set level of intimacy they work for control while reversing and countering much of the time. There are moments when they break free from one another, but those are simple moments of respite from the struggle taking place in the ring. They always quickly engage with one another again and the struggle taking place resumes being all too real.

This is yet another example of a match that is aided by the type of filming taking place. There’s no flashy production or camera angles to Virus versus Avisman. Instead it’s just Black Terry Jr. and his handheld camera at ringside. This helps add to the intimacy of what is taking place. But, more than that the match takes on a voyeuristic feel thanks to the filming method employed by Terry. We are up close and personal, able to see with our own two eyes the fight taking place over control of a body part. It’s a small measure on the surface, but in reality the filming style of Terry means the world to the impact of this match as well as its ability to form a connection with the viewer.

There’s no surprise to me writing about a Virus match on Blue Thunder Driver. The man is, simply put, one of the bets wrestlers to ever live. Writing about him brings me tremendous satisfaction and I view every one of his matches as a contender for making the pages of this blog. Virus is at the top of his game, and so is Avisman. When you have two great mat workers who are on point chances are I will love the match in question. I do love this match, it’s a match to go out of your way to see; there’s no struggle involved there.

Bill Thompson


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