Lucha Memes: Chairo (11-22-2015) Black Terry vs. Virus


Oh maestro, my maestro!

I watched this match last night, and right as I was set to write about it things got busy at the station. People dying left and right while I need to write about a Virus and Black Terry match. Hard times, hard times indeed. Seriously though, I think the time away from this match was a blessing. I think it’s great, but it is flawed and I was having trouble articulating those flaws last night. It’s me, so chances are I won’t do any better of a job this morning, but we can all hope and dream together!

This is a maestros match, which means it’s worked a little more slowly and has a heavy emphasis on mat work. Basically this match is akin to crack when it comes to me and my wrestling leanings. It certainly helps that Virus is my favorite wrestler going today and Terry is someone who I can always count on for a good time in that there pro wrestling ring. Put the two of them together in front of a hot crowd working a type of match I covet and I’m more than likely to enjoy what I watch.

Enjoy away I did, as I liked pretty much the entirety of this match save a spot here or there. The thing is, when the inner filling is pretty darn great I can forgive some flaws in the outer shell. It is a flaw of the match that Virus goes for a Avalanche Reverse Headscissors and very clearly loses contact with Terry and yet Terry follows through with the move. Flaws like that exist in this match, but they aren’t many and they are never able to override the gooey goodness at the center of this doughnut.

The gooey goodness I speak of is the way that Virus and Terry work a match around holds and keep me entertained the entire time. I know it’s present in most maestro matches, but what really stuck with me this time out was the misdirection taking place. I often am guilty of overlooking the hand play that takes place before a leg based submission is locked on. It’s easy to ignore the hand play, because inevitably as the move is locked in it ends up being predominantly leg based and the hands/arms are forgotten about.

Forgetting that hand/arm play is the fan equivalent of running through the base spots to get to the high spots. Sure, the leg submission gets more of a pop and is the desired goal. But, the hand/arm play sets the stage, and it provides not just ground work for all the leg submissions but it can, and often does, play into the psychology of the match. In this match Terry spends less and less time caring about what Virus is doing with his hands. It’s as if he thinks it’s obvious misdirection and he only wants to worry about the leg work to come. That is until the finish when he is too worried about the legs and Virus puts him in a place where the hand/arm play isn’t misdirection but his actual end game.

The hand/arm play present in this match is only part of the psychology on display. I know I’m beating a dead horse, but the idea that Lucha Libre is bereft of psychology is depressingly obtuse. I’m not gonna say that anyone who holds that opinion is wrong, but I honestly can’t understand how someone could watch a fair chunk of Lucha Libre and not see the tremendous variety of psychological storytelling on display. I wouldn’t even call this match a great one in terms of psychology; but from the hand play to the leg work, to misdirection playing into the finish, and Virus trying to use his extra mobility against Terry; this match is ripe with psychology.

Terry/Virus isn’t a high end match of the year candidate. It’s still a great match though. Two masters of the form do what they do best, and the end result is highly enjoyable. There are some issues on the surface, but digging just a little deeper reveals a core that outshines the surface in every way. Gooey goodness indeed, gooey goodness indeed.

Bill Thompson


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