NXT: TakeOver: Dallas (04-01-2016) American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) vs. Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)


The young’uns sure can go!

This match is for the Revival’s NXT Tag Team Championship.

There’s a moment in this match that the crowd zeroed in on. Twas a moment that brought about the much reviled, from me at least, “You fucked up!” chant. There’s no denying that Scott Dawson overshot Chad Gable and made no contact whatsoever on the double team that he and Dash Wilder were attempting. It is, in fact, a blemish on the match, a mark against the match if you will. It’s also the only egregious mistake in the entire match. That is the one moment where these four men messed up in a way that they couldn’t cover up, quickly recover from, or weave into the action of the match. In the end instead of chanting, “You fucked up!” the crowd should have chanted, “It’s not a big deal!”

In the grand scheme of this match that one moment is easy to compartmentalize and look past. The reason for that is simple, what the Revival and American Alpha provide is top notch tag team wrestling in every other moment of the match. These are two teams who are sure of themselves, know where to be, and when to be. They were able to move at a near breakneck pace for the entirety of the match, and with the exception of that one botch they never missed a beat. Sure, this isn’t a picture perfect match. It is a bit rough around the edges, but the rawness of what is on display in the ring matches the rough hew of the overall product in a way that is most complimentary.

Listen, I could rant about Alpha for quite a long time. I was a huge fan of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, and Kurt Angle. In many ways Alpha reminds me of a hybrid of those three men with a dash, pardon the pun, of the Steiner Brothers. I don’t look for athleticism in my wrestling, but when it is used in the right way it certainly can add to an act. Gable and Jason Jordan use their athleticism in the best way possible. They use their athleticism for fast tags, weaving in and out of the ring, and working in a way that bewilders their opponents. It’s not flips or athleticism just because, but athleticism with a purpose, and that’s the kind of athleticism I enjoy.

However, I think I enjoyed the act of the Revival even more in this match. They are the epitome of an old school territory heel tag team. They have the cocky swagger, and their style fits their personalities to perfection. But, most of all they utilize timing and cutting off the ring in a way that I don’t see used all that often in tag team wrestling these days. When they were working over Gable I believed in every bit of trickeration, and loved how dirty Dawson and Wilder were willing to get. Not only did it make them look like heels who could puff out their chests, but it made Gable look like a million bucks at the same time.

I had lots of fun watching this match, and that was just what the doctor ordered for this worn out wrestling soul. Alpha and Revival have tremendous chemistry and they worked a tag team match that would have been at home in the Sportatorium of yesteryear. I’m not saying that either team is the Midnight Express, or the Fantastics. But, they do hearken back to those days and make me happy to watch tag team wrestling in a World Wrestling Entertainment setting again. This is a great match, a great match with one little botch. Well, okay, it was kind of a big botch. But, don’t let that botch stop you from enjoying this match, because this is the sort of tag team wrestling that we’ve all been asking for. This is the tag team wrestling that we deserve, and to see it in what is essentially a WWE ring, with talent this young, gives me newfound hope for the future of tag team wrestling in the WWE.

Bill Thompson


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