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Keeping it simple, I decided to change the way I handle the formatting of my reviews here at Blue Thunder Driver. Instead of posting a review with the date it was posted and then later changing the date of the review to the actual match date I’m just going to post the reviews using the date of the match from the get go. I did this to make the process of me posting reviews and organizing the blog easier. However, I realized that using this method means a review will not show up on the main page if it took place in 1974, 1990, etc. To counter that there is this post. It will always stay at the very top of the blog. Listed in here will be every review I have written in the last thirty days. So, basically this is the post people should use as a way of keeping track of what new reviews I have posted.

All new reviews are listed below,

  1. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre: Homenaje A Dos Leyendas ’00 – Juicio Final (03-17-2000) Villano III vs. Atlantis
  2. International Wrestling Association Japan: Korakuen Hall (05-01-1995) Headhunter A vs. Headhunter B

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Hey, I’m watching wrestling again, who would have thought this would happen?

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